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Update from the ERPsim Lab

We hope you and your families are safe from the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Given the current situation around us, below are some updates that we would like to share with you:

  • Fully Operational ERPsim Lab: Please note that the government of Quebec has ordered all schools and colleges to be closed until May 1st, 2020. The whole ERPsim Lab team is working remotely and is available, as always, to assist you in your course delivery.
  • Distance Learning with ERPsim: Last week, we had conducted a webinar on how to use ERPsim for distance learning courses (watch the recording). We have also curated resources that can help you run ERPsim in your online class.
  • Availability of New Instructional Assets: Over the last few weeks, we understand the need of having new instructional assets and hence are expanding the assets available. New videos showing various transactions on Fiori are now available with more to come!. Please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions to
  • International ERPsim Competition 2020: Please note that the International ERPsim Competition 2020 is now canceled. Read the full announcement.
  • Team Cortex @ SAS Global Forum 2020, Washington D.C.: Since the SAS Global Forum 2020 has been canceled, team Cortex will no longer be going to Washington, D.C.
  • Cortex Webinar, April 2020: Because team Cortex will no longer be going to Washington, D.C., HEC Montreal and SAS are co-organizing a webinar on how to use Cortex in your classroom. Register now.
  • ERPsim Lab User Group Meeting 2020, Montreal: Given the travel restrictions around the world, we are still evaluating the various options with the User Group Meeting. Further details to be shared soon!

Do not hesitate to reach us at (for ERPsim) or (for Cortex) for any queries.

The ERPsim Lab Team

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