The process to use ERPsim is straightforward, but does require some organization beforehand. We will guide you through the various steps and help you have an efficient start.

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1Join the SAP University Alliances program

To be able to use ERPsim for academic purposes, your institution must be a full member of the SAP University Alliances. Membership provides many advantages, one of them being having access to the SAP license portfolio free of charge. You can find out if your institution is a member with this list provided by the SAP UA.

If you want to use ERPsim for commercial purposes, please visit our commercial partner's website, Baton Simulations.

2Complete the ERPsim Certification Training

While we remain confident that you'll have a great experience with our simulations, we also know that running a class can come with surprises. During the certification training, you will have the opportunity to get confident with ERPsim and SAP, and explore the many options that are available to assist you in reaching your pedagogical goals. It is also a great opportunity to meet other faculty members and researchers who are looking forward to using ERPsim for pedagogy and research.

By completing the certification, you will be granted a simCID, which is required to use ERPsim. You will also gain access to the ERPsim Learning Portal where you will find all the pedagogical material supporting the simulations, including books, slides, job aids and tutorial videos.

More than one option are available to you to complete the ERPsim Certification Training. Discover them!

3Make hosting arrangements with a UCC

As a full member of SAP University Alliances, you have access to the University Competence Centers (UCCs) network. These centers are dedicated to provide, at not-for-profit prices, hosting services as well as technical support for the latest SAP technologies.

In order to use ERPsim, you must first establish a hosting arrangement with one of the following centers:

Asia Pacific Japan (APJ)

Victoria University

Mainland China

Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU)

4Prepare and deliver your course

You are now almost ready to deliver your course using ERPsim, but there are still a few items to consider.

Get familiar with the pedagogical content

ERPsim comes bundled with a wealth of pedagogical material, which is available in the Learning Portal. Get an idea of your class size, and plan for how many teams you will have. Spend some time getting familiar with the concepts of the simulation game, and take a look at some of the tutorials. This will help you decide how you will use the game to meet your teaching objectives.

Request system access from your UCC

As mentioned above, hosting of the ERPsim simulation software and SAP systems is provided by your UCC. Make sure to make your request early and test the system before arriving in class. You can also use its sandbox mode to get used to the interface and features available.

Purchase the simulation license

A license based on the number of students is required to play the Manufacturing, the Logistics and/or the Maple games. Make sure to review our pricing and conditions and select the option that is the most appropriate to your situation.

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