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ERPsim is a business simulation game for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA in which participants use a real ERP system to manage their virtual company in a competitive market. Win or lose, participants will improve their knowledge of business processes and their understanding of how ERP systems are effective at managing those processes.

Immersive Experience

Learners get to use a real SAP S/4HANA system to evaluate, input and see the result of their decisions. Our approach makes use of actual transactions provided by SAP as well as custom transactions, which provides a mix that is very close to what an ERP user would experience in the workplace.

ERPsim helps enable learning by generating a dynamic environment where it accelerates time, simulates interactions with business partners, and automates the execution of administrative tasks. This approach allows learners to focus on analytics and decision-making and gives them an incentive to get better at translating their strategy into action using an ERP system.

Learning by Doing

By accelerating time (a business day is one minute!), learners have to focus on making the best decisions in the most efficient way possible. As the simulation evolves, they will be looking for ways to elevate their knowledge of the ERP system and might come up with solutions to improve their decision making (for example, by creating tools to support their decision model).

ERPsim creates the perfect setting to introduce concepts and challenges of business processes and information management, change management, information security and auditing, and more. For example, each simulation scenario can be played using previous-gen as well as next-gen user interfaces and tools, allowing learners to experience the evolution of a business system in a short period of time.

Analytics in Real-Time

Being able to create visualizations and validate their effectiveness on data that they own and on which they can have an impact is a powerful way for learners to improve their analytical skills.

ERPsim supports analytics in real-time, from SAP Fiori analytical applications (SAP Smart Business) to OData services, as well as many of the self-service BI tools available on the market, including SAP Lumira, Tableau and Power BI.

A Solution for Academics, by Academics

Developed in 2004 at HEC Montréal, ERPsim is a proven solution to teach enterprise management, business processes, ERP and analytics concepts. Our simulations are designed to allow you to get the most out of your classroom time, whether it is being held in-person or in a remote setting.

Interactive and low-risk environment for learning

Using technologies in the classroom comes with some challenges. ERPsim is especially designed to make sure that using the system is simple, that you have the tools to analyze the learners’ performance and that it simplifies the preparation of your course delivery.

Rich library of instructional assets

Each game scenario and activity (including SAP ERP configuration and analytics dashboard development) comes with a wide range of instructional assets, from job aids that help rapid appropriation of the scenarios to guides and videos that help deepen the learning.

We support you at all steps of the journey

From training and curriculum integration to the delivery of your course, we accompany you by providing technical and pedagogical support.

Learning Activities

ERPsim is about learning while experimenting. Four scenarios, from a simplified distribution company to a B2B manufacturing plant, with evolving level of difficulty present challenges that are adaptable to all grades, from high school to undergraduate and graduate programs. Whether you are teaching to a cohort of first year business students, to IT analysts and consultants, or to MBAs, there is a scenario that will help you achieve your pedagogical goals.

ERPsim is not limited to simulations and business management. With our unique approach, it is possible to introduce learners to the concepts of analytics (KPI identification, dashboard building) or to ERP configuration and extension (expanding business processes, adapting existing configuration). All of this is possible in a low-risk environment and on a real SAP system.

Network and Partners

HEC Montréal is a member of the SAP University Alliances since 1998. The ERPsim Lab is a leading member of this community, providing workshops and an International ERPsim Competition for all students of member institutions. As of March 2018, the ERPsim Lab is recognized as the leading SAP Next-Gen Chapter for simulation-based learning.

The ERPsim Lab works closely with the University Competence Centers (UCC) and Academic Competence Centers (ACC), a network of universities providing hosting services, as well as technical and localized support to all member institutions. This partnership ensures that institutions have access to high quality infrastructure, software and curricula.

ERPsim is an effective solution to training, change management and onboarding, so it is natural that Baton Simulation came to be in 2009. By developing tailored solutions for today's businesses' needs, Baton helps organizations worldwide in their digital transformation journey. The ERPsim Lab and Baton Simulations work together on the development of ERPsim, ensuring alignment with the ever changing needs of the business world and the training of future experts and leaders.

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