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New videos now available for SAP Fiori


We are happy to announce that we are expanding the instructional resources on the ERPsim website. During the webinar we had on March 19th - Distance Teaching with ERPsim Games - we have received many comments from you that videos showing the transactions in SAP Fiori interface could significantly help you plan and prepare your courses in a distance set-up.

We heard your comments and prepared 2 sets of videos:

  1. SAP Tutorial Videos (SAP Fiori): these videos demonstrate transactions that are used across different games in the Fiori interface. For example, by watching VK32 video, students would learn how to change their prices no matter which game is being played.
  2. Logistics Platinum Role-based Videos: these videos show the SAP transactions in the Fiori interface by focusing on the individual roles students would take playing the platinum game. For example, the Planning Manager will perform 3 transactions in SAP and also will have access to 2 reports.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be making frequent updates and additions to the resources to make sure that your transition from a face-to-face course delivery to an online/distance setting is as smooth as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at with your suggestions, comments and questions.