This privacy policy covers the use of this website operated by the ERPsim Lab – HEC Montréal, 5540 Avenue Louis Collin, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H3T2A7.

Last updated : 2021/12/16

  • Added the "Applicable law" section.

Collecting and Handling Data

How it is used

The information we collect is used only in the scope of providing the services. We never share your personal information with third parties, unless we received your express consent to do so, or as outlined in the current privacy policy. We may share non-personal data that is aggregated to provide statistics on our services; for example, we may publish the number of users who used the service for marketing purposes.

What and how it is collected

Our approach is to collect only the data that is required to operate our services. We will collect data from you in the following circumstances:

When visiting our website (whether you are logged in or not using an ERPsim Account), we collect information about the pages that are visited through a third party service (Google Analytics). We also keep logs of your activity for security purposes by recording your IP address; this information is only used for investigation and to report abuses of our systems to law enforcement authorities, should the situation happen.
When registering an ERPsim Account, we may ask you to provide your email address, name, country of residence and academic institution (university, college, etc.). We will also offer you the opportunity to register to our newsletters, but it is always optional and you have to provide your explicit consent (opt-in).
When purchasing an ERPsim license, you will be required to provide financial information that will be handled by a trusted third party financial institution (Desjardins). The ERPsim Lab do not store nor handle any financial information.

How you can review, modify or delete it

If you possess an ERPsim Account, you may contact our support team at to:

  • Request to be added/removed from our marketing communications;
  • Request the deletion of your account. Please note that no refund will be issued should you have an active purchase linked to the account.

Requests must be sent from the email address associated to your account. We may also request additional identification information (ex.: transaction receipt for your purchase of an ERPsim license).


Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing. Our website uses a very limited number of cookies, which are listed below.

Type of cookies

We can regroup the cookies used on this website in three categories:

  1. Session Cookies - These are used to identify that your browser is allowed to access your ERPsim Account, which makes them required by default. They are generated when you login to your account, and are deleted when you log out.
  2. Required cookies - These are strictly used to ensure that core functionalities of the website are working. No personal information is attached to these cookies.
  3. Analytics cookies - These are used to gather information, including (but not limited to) which pages are visited and how you landed on them. The data is strictly used for analysing browsing patterns on our website, which allow us to improve the overall experience. We do not engage in profiling and marketing, and we do not sell nor share this data. We use Google Analytics as the data processor, and the information we transfer to it is anonymized and secured with SSL.

List of cookies used on our website

Name Provider Purpose Expiration Category
SSESS* Identifies your browser as being allowed to access your account. Generated only after you logged in, deleted when you log out. 23 days Session
has_js Allows the website to serve its content that require JavaScript. Automatically when you close your browser Required
erpsimlab_vpem_ac_opt Determine whether or not you accept the use of analytical cookies. This cookie is generated only after you made a decision. 90 days Required
_ga, _gat, _gid Google Analytics Used to distinguish users (in an anonymous way) to identify browsing patterns on the website. See Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites Analytics
vuid, player Vimeo Validate that videos are allowed to be watched from our platform. See Vimeo Cookie Policy Required

Blocking and opting-out of cookies

There are two ways to prevent cookies from being generated and used by our website:

  1. You can refuse the use of all cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser. However, by doing so, you will not be able to login to your ERPsim account, and some features may become unresponsive.
  2. You can specifically refuse analytics cookies by (1) selecting the appropriate option on the popup bar shown at the bottom of your window on your first visit, by (2) setting the “Do Not Track” header in your web browser, or (3) by selecting the appropriate option below.
    Analytics cookies are disabled Decline analytics cookies Accept analytics cookies

External sites and confidentiality

The ERPsim Lab website contains links to external sites. We are not responsible in any way for the content or privacy practices of these sites. We advise our visitors to read the privacy policies and disclaimer clauses of these sites to determine for themselves the precision, accuracy and reliability of the information they contain.

Applicable Law

The services offered by ERPsim Lab are regulated by the laws of the Province of Quebec, Canada, and the Canadian federal law that applies to the Province of Quebec.

For more information

If you have any questions or comments about this policy, feel free to write us at