While we remain confident that you'll have a great experience with our simulations, we also know that running a class can come with surprises. This is why the ERPsim Lab and its partners provide many opportunities to receive training on how to use our simulations. Whether you are new or experienced with ERPsim, there are always new tricks to learn!


The ERPsim Lab considers three levels of certifications. Those new to ERPsim must first complete the basic instructor certification (Level 1), while experienced users should consider the advanced instructor certification (Level 2) and, if interested in training other faculty members, seek the trainer certification (Level 3).

  • ERPsim Certified Instructor (Level 1)

ERPsim Certified Instructor (Level 1)

This certification provides you all the necessary knowledge to run an ERPsim simulation game in a classroom setting, and is required to be able to use any of the simulation games provided by the Lab.

By completing the certification, you will be granted an ERPsim Certification ID (simCID), which is required to use ERPsim. You will also gain access to the ERPsim Learning Portal where you will find all the pedagogical material supporting the simulations, including books, slides, job aids and tutorial videos.

There are currently three ways to obtain your simCID:

1Complete the ERPsim Online Training

The online training is the best option for those who can't attend an in-person training. To get certified using this approach:

  1. Contact us to register to the ERPsim Online Training and Certification Course (please allow 48 hours for registration).
  2. Complete the online training and associated exercises;
  3. Upon completion, schedule a remote session with us to complete the certification process.

2Attend one of the in-person workshops

The ERPsim Lab and partners provide many opportunities during the year for Level 1 training. These face-to-face workshops are a great opportunity to meet other faculty members and researchers who are looking forward to using ERPsim for pedagogy and research.

Make sure to review our event announcements to join a training workshop near you!

3Seek a certified trainer

It is also possible to receive the training via one of our ERPsim Certified Trainers if you can't attend one of the official ones. Training fees are at the discretion of the trainer/trainee. To find a certified trainer in your area, please contact us.