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Matt Dyki is a teaching fellow in the department of Accounting at the University of Melbourne. He has been teaching accounting for the past 20 years and focuses on accounting education. He has been using ERPsim since 2016, and as a level 2 certified instructor, he regularly trains other faculty during training sessions and conferences all over the APJ region. As an instructor, he has trained over 100 faculty and is proficient with all the ERPsim game scenarios. In addition to his teaching, he also coaches students for the regional and international ERPsim competitions. His team won the 2019 international competition.

Using ERPsim in Class

Matt Dyki teaches using ERPsim in Accounting Information System classes for the accounting program for both undergraduate and graduate students. He uses the manufacturing game to teach how data is collected and controlled, highlighting the various business processes and how they are interconnected.

This is why I find ERPsim so valuable because it means my students can actually experience what happens in a business.

He uses ERPsim both in class and online using Zoom and breakout rooms. Because of the complexity of the manufacturing game, he recommends using simpler games if possible. Students might not be able to communicate as well if sub-groups form within the breakout rooms.

Most of his students don’t have work experience and don’t know about business processes and why they exist. With ERPsim, his students can experience what happens in the real business world and learn how the business processes interact.


Familiarize yourself with the game before trying it out with your students. Train the Trainer sessions are a good start, but you should also try it out on your own. For example, with your colleagues or a few students to get a feel for the game and its intricacies.

If it is the first time you are using the simulator in class (or every time you can), get someone to help you handle the admin stuff so that you can focus on teaching.


Don’t try and teach with ERPsim for the first time without ever playing it yourself.