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Dr. Douglas Battleson is an associate professor of information systems in the department of intelligent enterprise at the School of Business and Economics at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Battelson has been teaching for over seven years and has 24 years of previous military and industry experience. His academic program and works focus on intelligent enterprise and enterprise resource systems. He researches turning around or de-escalation of failing information system implementation projects and how organizations can thrive using cloud computing and dynamic capabilities.

Using ERPsim in Class

Professor Battleson uses ERPsim in the curricula he teaches at both undergraduate and graduate levels. At the graduate level, ERPsim is used in the master of science in information systems with the enterprise systems concentration.

However, the principal use for ERPsim is at the undergraduate level. He uses the simulator in a mandatory course called Introduction to Enterprise Systems which leads to the Intelligent Enterprise concentration. In this class, he starts the semester with an introduction to information systems and after the midterm exam moves on to SAP ERP. He starts by using the paper game, moves on to SAP ERP processes, and by the end of the semester, the students are running their company using an ERPsim game with the SAP Easy Access GUI interface (as many companies still use it). This structure allows the students to gradually be introduced to business processes and apply their accumulated knowledge during the ERPsim game.

Once the students move to the intelligent enterprise concentration, they start to use the manufacturing introduction ERPsim game in a business analytics class. The game is used at the beginning of the semester using reports and Fiori Analytics. The students then are introduced and practice SAP Analytics Cloud. The capstone exercise is to apply SAP Analytics Cloud to their ERPsim manufacturing company and demonstrate improvement in strategy and execution.

My motivation here is for students to embrace technology and not to be scared of technology." // "it allows students to embrace the technology; they're having fun" // "it's the 360 experience that they need before they graduate in school.

He teaches face-to-face most of the time, though has taught online synchronously during the pandemic.

According to Professor Battleson, ERPsim offers the 360 experience that his students need before graduating from school. It enhances their employability, collaboration, and analytical skills and gives them a better understanding of how businesses are run today.