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Associate Professor in Industrial Economics and Director of Undergraduate Programs at Nottingham University Business School, Dr. Natalie Moore has a distinguished background in economics, focusing on behavioral economics and corporate social responsibility.

Using ERPsim in Class

Dr. Moore incorporates ERPsim in her industrial economics courses, particularly in modules focused on games and strategy. She utilizes Manufacturing Extended and Logistics Sustainability games to align with economic principles, enhancing students' understanding and engagement and cultivating essential professional skills like strategic thinking and teamwork.

In her classes, Dr. Moore emphasizes the importance of practical application and skill development. She guides students through the complexities of the simulated business environment within ERPsim, where they actively develop and execute business strategies.

Additionally, Dr. Moore emphasizes the importance of preparation and adaptability when using ERPsim in the classroom. She advises instructors to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the ERPsim environment and its functionalities before introducing it to students. This preparation ensures a smoother transition for students as they engage with the simulation.

What I really enjoyed this year using ERPsim is how it just gets the students actually socializing together and using the professional competencies that they need to develop.

So teamwork, communication, not just thinking about the academics alone, but the skills they need in a workplace.

Dr. Moore's implementation of ERPsim in her curriculum has also enhanced the employability of her students in the SAP and ERP sectors.

Graduates from her courses often report that the skills and insights gained from ERPsim simulations have been instrumental in their career development, particularly in securing positions that require SAP expertise. Employers value the practical experience and understanding of ERP systems that Dr. Moore’s students demonstrate, making them sought-after candidates.