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Marco Lara Gracia is a professor of Industrial Engineering with experience in various universities. Previously, he worked as a professor of engineering at the University of Texas at Brownsville and, earlier, at the Monterrey University of Technology in Mexico.

Aside from his engineering experience, he has gained recognition in domains like supply chain management, logistics, and business processes.

Using ERPsim in Class

In his teaching efforts, Marco employs various ERPsim games, tailoring his choice to the class's level of expertise.

Drawing from his personal experience, he recommends that professors begin gradually and refrain from initiating a new class with an advanced game.

According to Marco, the optimal approach to introducing these games is to guide students in comprehending the game's underlying logic.

This process typically commences with a foundational level, such as logistics intro, and then gradually progresses from there.

The student comes and tells me, I'm going to interview with Berry global or with Astrazeneca to say a couple of companies, only because they saw in me, in my resume that I was talking about ERPsim.

In this insightful quote from Marco, he highlights the tangible impact that the ERPsim experience has on his students' career prospects. When students can confidently mention their involvement with ERPsim on their resumes, it serves as a powerful differentiator in the competitive job market.

Companies, renowed for their commitment to innovation and efficiency, recognize the value of practical experience in simulation-based learning.

Marco's teaching approach not only equips students with theoretical knowledge, but also empowers them to secure interviews and thrive in industries where simulation and practical problem-solving are highly prized.

His commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry proves invaluable in preparing the next generation of professionals for success in the corporate world.