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Prof. Jorge Carrola Rodrigues, NOVA Information Management School, brings a wealth of experience from his 25+ years in various industries. His focus at NOVA IMS includes chairing courses on Business Strategy and Digital Transformation and coordinating Digital Enterprise Management programs.

Using ERPsim in Class

Professor Jorge Carrola Rodrigues integrates ERPsim into his master's and postgraduate programs, with a special focus on courses related to digital transformation. His methodical selection of the manufacturing game within ERPsim is a testament to his commitment to providing comprehensive education. This particular game choice stands out due to its detailed coverage of essential business processes, offering students a realistic and in-depth view of how digital technologies can be effectively applied in a real-world business context.

Furthermore, Professor Carrola places a strong emphasis on the development of critical skills such as strategic thinking and team dynamics. He understands that mastering digital transformation isn't just about knowing the technology; it's about harnessing it to create strategic advantages and foster effective collaboration. In his courses, strategic thinking isn't just a concept; it's a skill that students actively develop as they set up and execute their business strategies within the ERPsim environment.

The most challenging yet rewarding aspect of his facilitation comes at the end of the ERPsim games. Professor Carrola adeptly guides students through the debriefing process, helping them transition from the high emotion of gameplay to a reflective and analytical mindset. This debriefing is crucial for students to assimilate their experiences, understand the practical implications of their strategies, and recognize the lessons learned from the simulation. It's a process that solidifies their understanding and appreciation of the complexities and nuances of digital transformation.

The greatest value of using ERPsim is to go through some of the skills and competencies that are necessary to take all the potential of the digital transformation. I would say that the most important, first of all, is the strategic thinking.

Professor Carrola underscores the essential role that ERPsim plays in bridging the gap between academic theory and real-world application. In his view, the key to unlocking the full potential of digital transformation lies in developing specific skills and competencies, with strategic thinking being paramount.

In his teaching, ERPsim serves as more than just a simulation tool; it's a catalyst for developing this vital skill among students. As they navigate the complexities of the simulated business environment within ERPsim, students are challenged to set up and execute business strategies, thereby actively honing their strategic thinking abilities. This hands-on experience is crucial in preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving digital business landscape.