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Prof (Dr.) Chandan Singhavi works as an associate professor in the Data Science and Technology faculty department at K J Somaiya Institute of Management in India.

With over 20 years of experience in academia, she is one of the most sought-after resources in the Business Intelligence, Dashboarding, CRM, SAP, ERP and Simulations for Enterprise system.

Using ERPsim in Class

Before 2013, Professor Chandan used a primarily theoretical approach to explain the concept of integrated information systems to students. The aim was to convey the idea that an integrated system provides easy access to all necessary information for informed decision-making. However, it was challenging to make students fully grasp how it worked, especially in the context of ERP systems.

The introduction of ERP simulation games became a transformative tool in Professor Chandan's teaching approach. These simulations allowed for a vivid demonstration of how an integrated information system operates. For instance, when making decisions like setting product inventory prices or determining marketing expenses, students could access crucial information, including their account balance and inventory levels. They could also analyze sales data to identify trends and pricing strategies. These diverse reports, essential for data-driven decision-making, could be efficiently explored through the ERPsim games.

The introduction of ERPsim, particularly the manufacturing game, proved to be a game-changer in her teaching. It allowed her to elucidate complex concepts like the order-to-cash cycle, from purchase to sales, and the cash-to-cash cycle, offering students a comprehensive understanding of how these processes work.

The importance of real time data has been explained nicely with the help of ERPsim games as well as the power of an integrated information system.

ERPsim helps students build their careers.

Professor Chandan highlights that the students under her guidance have been successfully inducted into roles such as Consultant or Business Associate in reputed organizations. She emphasized that the ERPsim game has played a crucial role in enabling students to discuss ERP and SAP competently with recruiters.

She recounted a recent instance where Deloitte recruiters visited the campus. Students, who had completed the ERP simulation game several months earlier, approached her with queries about specific concepts. Remarkably, a significant number of these students secured positions as SAP consultants at Deloitte, expressing their gratitude for the role the game played in their success.