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Agnes Pechmann is an esteemed Full Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences of Emden-Leer. With a distinguished career, she has garnered recognition in various domains such as logistics, Supply Chain Management, and simulation.

Using ERPsim in Class

In her teaching endeavors, Agnes employs innovative methods to enhance student learning experiences.

Notably, she incorporates interactive learning tools such as ERPsim games, including the Manufacturing Muesli game, into her courses across various study programs.

By leveraging these gamified simulations, Agnes fosters a dynamic and engaging educational environment, enabling students to gain practical insights into real-world manufacturing and supply chain scenarios.

As an Industrial Engineer, it is fun to produce something, so that’s why I love the Manufacturing Muesli game!

As Industrial/Mechanical Engineers, the thrill of creating something tangible resonates deeply with Agnes and her students.

The interactive nature of the Manufacturing Muesli game allows students to simulate the production process, fostering a hands-on approach to learning.

By engaging in the game, students are not only able to grasp theoretical concepts but also experience the joy of transforming ideas into physical reality.

Agnes believes that this aspect of the game adds a layer of excitement and fulfillment to the learning process, making it an invaluable tool in developing the skills and mindset necessary for successful careers in mechanical engineering.