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Step 3 - Attend an ERPsim training workshop and become an ERPsim Certified Instructor

We require that interested users attend a training workshop provided by the ERPsim Lab or one of it's certified trainers. The ERPsim Certified Instructor (Level 1) training is the only way to receive an ERPsim Simulation Certification ID (simCID). The simCID is the unique key that allows a trained instructor to run a simulation. The training is also our way to ensure that everyone has a sufficient knowledge of the simulation and is prepared to use the game effectively. In the past, we have found that first time users generally stumble over the same questions and many misunderstandings about SAP R/3 and how the simulation interacts with it. Providing training workshops is the most effective way to avoid frustration and contain our support costs for a service that we provide for free to faculty members.

Content of the ERPsim Certified Instructor (Level 1) training

Before the training, you will obtain access to the private ERPsim Learning Portal. This section contains a lot of useful information about core game concepts, flash tutorials, curriculum overview and planning tools. It is best if you review these prior to attending a training workshop.

Among the many advantages that ERPsim provides to faculty members, the training will allow you to:

  • manage a simulation game in a classroom environment and integrate it in your curriculum;
  • understand how SAP R/3 works and have the knowledge to support your students in class;
  • gain sufficient knowledge of the business processes and analytics tools provided by the ERPsim Lab and SAP.

At the end of the training, we will provide a simCID that grant the ability to run any of our simulations games. You will also gain access to our Service Desk, allowing you to receive support from our technical team, and complete access to our FAQ.

Visit the Level 1 certification page for more information on the benefits of the training.

Find a training event

The ERPsim Lab provide official training each year sponsored by the SAP University Alliance. These training events are free of charge for faculty members that are part of the Alliance. See the Events section at the bottom of this page for information on future training sessions offered.

It is also possible to receive the training via one of our ERPsim Certified Trainers if you can't attend one of the official ones. Training fees are at the discretion of the trainer/trainee. To find a certified trainer in your area, visit the Find a Certified Trainer page.


Next step: Get the material and plan the integration of ERPsim in your curriculum