Les vidéos suivantes expliquent comment ERPsim change la façons d'enseigner et de comprendre le fonctionnement des systèmes intégrés d'entreprise (témoignages disponibles en anglais seulement).

Changing the way we teach ERP

Plusieurs professeurs discutent de la façon dont ERPsim modifie grandement la façon d'enseigner les concepts reliés aur ERP.

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Prof. Bret Wagner, Ph.D.

What the team at HEC Montreal has developed with their business simulation is truly unique and groundbreaking. They have solved numerous technical challenges to be able to use SAP, a real business process software system, as a business simulation tool. The design of this simulation, from the behavior of the consumer market to the use of the Business Warehouse system for data analysis, is well thought out.  It took a team with unique capabilities to put this together.

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Prof. Bih-Ru Lea, Ph.D.

I have studied many ERP cases developed using SAP with hope to find one that would give students a good overview of an ERP integrated environment without losing them in tedious clerical procedures.  I did not have any success until I attended your ERP Simulation Game workshop. In my opinion, it is the most flexible, practical, exciting, and challenging SAP ERP case that I have studied in the past three years.  It is flexible enough to be used for many different types of classes in both undergraduate and graduate level as well as for corporate training. It is practical and exciting as the game gives a very realistic real world like working environment.

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Prof. Vivek Choudhury, Ph.D.

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Prof. Bipin Prabhakar, Ph.D.

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