ERPsim, the Business Simulation Game for SAP

ERPsim games are an innovative "learning-by-doing" approach to teaching ERP concepts,
where actual systems are transformed into dynamic learning platforms.

Participants must manage their business using a real-life ERP system, SAP ERP, in a competitive environment comprising other participants who are managing competing companies.

ERPsim simulate and accelerate time to create a dynamic learning environment. It also automates clerical tasks to let participants focus on decision making and analytics.

ERPsim supports real-time analytics, and can be combined with most analytical tools to provide a risk-free environment to develop competencies.

Active Learning

Problem Based Learning Approach

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an instructional strategy that focuses on guiding the learning process in a situated context through a series of realistic and potentially complex open-ended problems.

In the current evolving business world, Clarke and Clarke (2009) state that new information technologies and new business processes are changing business practices. They call for profound changes and reforms that will bring students to master higher-order cognitive, affective, and social skills that were not the focus of traditional programs. Reform should go beyond changes in curriculum content or technological infrastructures and put forward learning contexts that will result in a mindset altogether.


In our real-time simulations, students are put in a situation in which they have to run a business with a real-life ERP (SAP ECC 6.07) system.

Using standard and customized reports, students must analyze their transactional data to make business decisions and ensure the profitability of their operations. The learning objectives of these games are threefold:

  • To develop a hands-on understanding of the concepts underlying enterprise systems.
  • To experience the benefits of enterprise integration firsthand.
  • To develop technical skills at using ERP software.

Support Material

Instructors may find valuable information in the Teaching Notes - a book that offers instructional strategies and ways to integrate the simulation into teaching curriculum, as well as instructions on how to administer the simulator itself. In addition, instructional videos are provided to reinforce and improve SAP and simulation management skills.

Slide decks are provided to introduce the game, cover core concepts and the game rules. Simple one-sheet job aids can be printed and distributed to participants, ensuring they have a ready reference to all the essential information needed to play the game. The slides and job aids are designed so that don't need to create instructional materials for the game, and that games can be explained and started quickly. A participant's guide is also available, with full details of the games. This can be used as preliminary reading, or follow-up reading if using several of the game scenarios or for repeat play with deeper understanding of the pedagogical concepts covered.


Users of ERPsim express their opinion on the simulation and how it enables new ways of teaching ERP concepts.

Watch part 1 and part 2 on Youtube.

Participating Universities

10+ years in use
200+ universities
1000+ faculty trained
30 000+ students per year

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