Cortex Online Faculty Training Course

The ERPsim Lab is launching a brand new self-paced online course for professors, lecturers and Ph.D. candidates who wish to get started using Cortex or to update their knowledge of the simulation. If you are new to Cortex, this course also allows you to get a complimentary Cortex Cloud activation code.

With this course, you will:

  • discover what Cortex has to offer;
  • learn how to play the game;
  • know how to manage the game for your students;
  • get ideas on how to incorporate Cortex into your curriculum.

This online course is free of charge. Access to the course is provided only to professors, lecturers and Ph.D. candidates.

Course Structure

The course is done in two parts: self-paced, followed by a live session.


Throughout this course, you will learn what Cortex has to offer, what you can do with the game, how to prepare and run the game, and much more.

Live group sessions

Once you complete the self-paced course, you must attend a live group session. It is the opportunity to meet with one of our team members, review the management of the game with a live system, and ask your questions.