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Traci A. Carte, Ph.D., is the director of the School of IT at Illinois State University. With a strong academic background, she brings over 25 years of teaching experience spanning University of Oklahoma, Kennesaw State University and Illinois State University, boasting 15 teaching awards and numerous research awards. Her expertise spans business process integration, data management, collaborative technologies, all intricately tied to Information Systems.

Prof. Carte incorporates ERPsim into her class to illustrate the practical application of managerial decisions.

By leveraging data within the ERPsim framework, her teaching approach underscores the profound influence of accessible integrated information on the decision-making process. Thus, students gain invaluable insights into the real-world dynamics of data-driven management.

Technology supports business decision making, not IT decision making.

You can’t simply talk about it, there is no picture in the student’s head about what an ERP is, until they use it.

Using ERPsim in Class

Professor Traci A. Carte's teaching strategy revolves around the practical utilization of technology, particularly evident in her integration of ERPsim.

She asserts that technology and data embedded within ERPsim games serves as a crucial support for informed business decision-making rather than being confined to IT-centric choices.

By actively involving her students in ERPsim simulations, she fosters a hands-on learning environment where they directly engage with ERP systems.