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Known Issue: Lot Sizing is Automatically Reset by ZSIM_START (Manufacturing Game)


Affected Games:

Manufacturing Introduction, Manufacturing Extended, Manufacturing Advanced


Every time the ZSIM_START transaction is run in the system, whether it be manually or automatically by the simulator*, the Lot Sizing for the finished products ($$-F01 to $$-F06, $$-F11 to $$-F16) is going to be reset at the default values.

*The simulator will run the ZSIM_START transaction in the following cases :

  • At the beginning of any new game.
  • When you reload a game after a different variant of the game has been played on the SAP client.
  • When you reload a game on a different date than the date it was unloaded.
  • Workaround:

    There is currently no way to avoid this situation when playing the Manufacturing variants of the game. The only way to make sure the lot sizing is correct is to make sure the team change them every time ZSIM_START is run. This problem will be resolved in a future release.

    Questions and Comments

    Please use the dedicated LinkedIn thread or send us an email at if you have any questions or comments regarding this issue.