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ERPsim Online Training and Certification Course

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Starts July 13, 2020
ERPsim Online Training and Certification Course
Starts July 13

The ERPsim Lab is launching a brand new self-paced online course for professors, lecturers and Ph.D. candidates who wish to get started using ERPsim or to update their knowledge of the simulation. If you are new to ERPsim, this course also allows you to get your simCID.

With this course, you will:

  • discover the different game scenarios available;
  • master how to run the latest edition of ERPsim (2020, running on SAP S/4HANA 1809);
  • explore advanced features, including OData services and self-service BI;
  • learn tips and tricks to efficiently coach your students;
  • implement ERPsim in your curricula, whether your class is in-person or online.

This online course is free of charge. Registration via Eventbrite is required. Access to the course is provided only to professors, lecturers and Ph.D. candidates.

Key Dates

Course launch

Access to the course content will be provided starting July 13. This course is self-paced.

Live group sessions

Live group sessions will be organized starting July 27. It is the opportunity to meet with one of our team members, review the administration of a game with a live system, and ask your questions. Upon completing this session, you will be granted your simCID, allowing you to use ERPsim.

Course starts July 13, 2020.