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July 17-20 - Summer Training Workshops for SAP UA North American Faculty

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July 17-20, 2017
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The following workshop will be offered in English by the ERPsim Lab team at the SAP University Alliances North America Faculty Summer Workshops 2017 at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukke, Wisconsin (USA). Introduction to ERPsim with CertificationThe objective of this course is to prepare faculty to use ERPsim in their classrooms. Upon completion of the course, attendees will officially attain ERPsim Certified Instructor status, allowing them to use ERPsim in their classrooms. Attendees are expected to have some prior exposure to SAP ERP and the University Alliances protocols for system provisioning etc. No prior knowledge of ERPsim is required.

  • Why use a business simulation to teach SAP ERP?
  • Available ERPsim technologies and scenarios, and their targeted learning outcomes
  • ERPsim Learning Portal (hosting site for instructional assets and processing student payments)
  • ERPsim Manufacturing scenarios
    • Technical Pre-Requisites
    • Business Process
    • Accounting
    • Facilitation and Debrief
  • Using the ERPsim administration console
  • Troubleshooting SAP in the ERPsim context
  • Class preparation
    • Payment options
    • Student accounts for Learning Portal - invites and payment
    • Simulation and team planning
    • SAP client planning
  • Class Management tool

For more information or inquiries regarding the SAP event, visit the event's web page.For additional information on this and other ERPsim training events, please contact the ERPsim Support Team.