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Changes in ERPsim Manufacturing Scenarios for 2016-2017


In the 2016-2017 version of ERPsim, several changes have been made to the simulator. The majority of changes have been in support of a “rebalancing” of the Manufacturing Scenarios, and to correct a few long outstanding issues that working together tend to undermine repeat play. In short, students learn about some quirks of the simulation and develop strategies to exploit those limitations rather than develop sound business strategies to succeed at the game. Since that behavior goes against the core learning objectives embodied in the simulation, we felt the need to address them. 

Summary of Changes for ERPsim 2016-2017 (require login) is a preliminary document of the changes made as a ready reference. For many of the minor modifications the detail will probably suffice. For the more major changes, detail will be provided via other means or in a later revision of this document.