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Step 5 - Purchase of the simulation's license

In order to play the Manufacturing, the Logistics or the Retail game, students must purchase a simulation's license, which will include an access to the Learning Portal and the pedagogical material (Participant's Guides, job aids, SAP tutorial videos, and much more).


The ERPsim academic license is 50$CAD per student (sales taxes may apply depending on your location).


  1. A course is a unit of teaching that typically lasts one academic term, is led by one or more instructors (teachers or professors), and has a fixed roster of students. It is usually an individual subject.
  2. Each student must purchase a license for each course they are enrolled in.
  3. If multiple courses use ERPsim, students enrolled in more than one course must still buy a license for each course, regardless of whether the courses are taken concurrently or consecutively.

How to proceed

We provide three ways to purchase the simulation's license to adapt to your situation:

  • Students can purchase the access through our secured payment platform (credit card only, no prepaid card accepted);
  • Your institution can purchase a voucher (Bulk Pre-Purchase) to pay on behalf of the students (contact the ERPsim Lab at for more details);
  • As the instructor, you can purchase on behalf of the students through our secured payment platform (credit card only, no prepaid card accepted);

Supporting the Lab

It is important to know that the authors and contributors of the pedagogical materials provided on the Learning Portal have renounced their copyrights in favour of the ERPsim Lab. Since the mission of the Lab is to ensure the continued development and support of this simulation software, we reinvest all the proceeds from the sale of these licenses to fund the development team and to provide support to our users.

Next step: Request ERPsim access from your UCC