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You wish to use ERPsim as a training tool or to demonstrate the capabilities of SAP? Baton Simulations offers ERPsim for corporate use. Discover the many possibilities these solutions offer now!

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Getting Started with ERPsim

Discover how to easily and confidently integrate ERPsim in your curriculum and enjoy the many benefits of enactive learning approaches.

Want to know how to bring ERPsim into your classroom? Here is your first step!

Our Serious Games

The ERPsim Lab provides various games to accomplish your pedagogical goals. Learn more about the Distribution, Manufacturing and Logistics game, and how to deploy ERPsim in your curricula.

Discover our Serious Games

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For more information on ERPsim or if you require user account support, please contact us at Faculty members who are users of ERPsim may use our Faculty Service Desk for quick assistance.
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